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Hôtel Droog

Credits: Hôtel Droog, Products & experience at Weltevree,
Photographer: Thijs Wolzak

Hotel. Café. Tearoom. Gallery. Boutique. It’s hard to define Hôtel Droog in Amsterdam because it blends several different entities into a single location. But it does have a very distinct concept based around constantly delighting – and surprising – its patrons.

Leaders in the world of niche hospitality have, for a few years now, been competing to redefine hotels and move away from predictable service and environments to something more surprising. Something that has been referred to as an ‘un-hotel’.

Hôtel Droog has accomplished this by filling its premises with a range of different ‘propositions’ and, in fact, only offers a single-suite in the entire ‘hotel’, located on the top floor of the building. Part department store, part art gallery, part tranquil garden, Hôtel Droog blends ideas to deliver a truly unique experience to visitors.

Constantly surprising

Credits: Hôtel Droog, Fairy tale garden, design by French Designers Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat,
Photographer: Thijs Wolzak

Nestled in a courtyard made up of the un-hotel itself, the gardens offer a natural repose for the tired shopper with grassy paths, verdant borders and plant-inspired sculptures. This idea of a garden being surrounded by a building is also mirrored within Hôtel Droog where certain spaces bring the wilderness inside, through woodland inspired interiors.

Located in the former home of the city’s textile guild, Hôtel Droog is flooded with natural light throughout, and – with such incredible variety on offer – it almost feels like a mini city-within-a-city. It is certainly a place designed to allow visitors to spend time, to browse and wander and interact with all the innovative ideas the Droog brand has to offer.

Credits: Hôtel Droog, The one and only bedroom by droog,
Photographer: Thijs Wolzak

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