Biophilic design competition

Love Chapel

Love Chapel

Chirochi Shimizu Júnior | Blumenau - Brasil

The term Bio means life and love generates life! The idea is to create a chapel that can represent in form and concept, what represents love together with life, and the Biophilic principles fits perfectly within this theme. The use of natural materials in its conception, allowing an entire environmental system to grow and to become involved with the Chapel transmits this sense of LOVE+BIO architectural concept. The idea is to make a reforestation wooded intertwined structure internally protected by a glass panel creating natural and pleasant interior space allowing vegetation to grow around the chapel making it even more alive and also inviting birds to make nests on the outside of the chapel, adding even more value to the term Bio. We are a part of a network of vital relationships and interdependencies. Love, life and nature are always together, and architecture is one important way to represent this connection.

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