Biophilic design competition

The winner is...

Thank you to all those who entered the competition and to those who voted for their favourite entry to select our finalists.

We are delighted to announce the winner as selected by our judges.

Our judges were also inspired by so many of the entries, even beyond those selected as finalists, that they have picked a selection of their favourites for you to see on the winners page under 'commendations'.

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About our judges

We are delighted to be joined by the following experts who will help us select the overall winner.

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About the competition

The winner of the Reconnect global design competition will be able to choose to go to one of these 3 inspiring destinations to see some of the most pioneering examples of biophilia in action.

Eden Project - Cornwall, UK
An educational charity, a social enterprise and a world class visitor destination, the Eden Project invites people to explore human’s dependency on nature and how we can work collaboratively to thrive within it.



San Francisco City Tour - California, USA
Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and ocean, yet with dense, highly urbanised neighbourhoods, San Francisco has become a pioneer in creating small urban spaces, that bring nature closer to people and to their homes.



Singapore City Tour - South East Asia
For over forty years, Singapore has enjoyed economic success. At the same time, Singapore has become greener, despite increased urbanisation. The vision is to create “A city in a Garden”.




From Holland and Norway to Turkey and Bangladesh... Architects and interior designers around the world are incorporating natural materials, or those that mimic nature and natural forms, to elevate and improve human experience of constructed spaces.

Inspired by the benefits biophilia brings, we have launched a competition to find designs for original, undeveloped projects that incorporate biophilia in the most innovative and exciting ways.

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Who can enter – and how?

The competition is open to students of design and architecture, interior designers and architects.

If you have a vision that incorporates biophilic principles and its benefits into the design of interior or urban spaces then we want to hear from you.

The focus will be on designs for interior spaces that echo nature and put our experience of spaces centre stage. But we also invite architectural design submissions for urban projects – a biophilic vision for specific areas of a city.

We’re not putting limits on your imagination -- if you want, you can submit more than one design. But the designs must be entirely your own creations and never presented before.  

You will need to:


Keep in mind that you may need to provide proof of age, residence or identity.

For full information on eligibility, entry, prize and winner conditions read our full terms and conditions.

How will we choose the winners?

The public can vote on entries between 1st March 2013 and 15th April 2013 to determine the finalists – which will then be judged by an Interface appointed panel.